Sunday, July 11, 2010

The delicate interface between where we live and how we live needs to be carefully planned and processed as legitimate. Presently, the cheapest method is the favored one. Human factors are not quantifiable and are discarded. Any sort of organized planning is seen as tyranny while the caustic effects of winner take all market outcomes are readily accepted. We need to consider how we will get what we want and need to where we live. We need to make this the first aspect of our lives that not saturated by the market.

Belief in market forces alone will eventually lead to a new serfdom. Prices must constantly fall for the market to ultimately succeed and since we all thrive on inefficiency we will price ourselves out of the market. With this in mind I propose the market not be the only driving force in our economy. No one would argue that a planned economy is for the best. Yet, we cannot let the market, robotic and short sighted by design, deem us inefficient.

The solution is to create a system that delivers what we need to each other with out a lowest cost component in the decision making process. Luxuries are best provided through market forces. Necessities are best provided.

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