Monday, July 12, 2010

Everyone is talking about what we can do to get back to the way things used to be... before the economy crashed, before 9-11... before Hanson. The answer is we can't go back. There is no going home again. But we can go forward. The first step is to set goals involving increasing our domestic energy production. All technologies should be utilized, expanded, and optimized. Energy is the unit value of our endeavors; increasing our ability to harness and store energy is the first step in creating a unique and diverse economy that could stand as an example to any observer.

We should continue to expand our ability to produce energy year over year, however that should not be our only goal. Local infrastructure should be streamlined and well maintained. Local means exactly that. Government should offer up a city center full of amenities; if a person chooses to live outside of that designated area they should pay for 100% of their services including water, power, roads, trash, schools, police and hospitals. We cannot afford sprawl and it is killing us. I live way too far from downtown Detroit. The power and water companies have to spend way too much money sending me their products. The state pays way too much maintaining my roads. We can't expect everything to be provided to us regardless of where we live.

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